Business Model Development using Business Model Canvas

– a great tool for Corporates, SME’s and Start-ups!

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The business model canvas and value proposition canvas are important tools when starting up a new business, developing a new product or service, looking into international partnerships or acquiring or repositioning a company. Not only will they facilitate your project-related communication, they will help you think strategically, exchange ideas and get your team on the same page.

We have used the Business Model Canvas approach in workshops and consultancy jobs with both SME’s and corporates and all see great benefits:

  • Visualization: Innovate products, services, and business models in a visual and more strategic way
  • Value Proposition to Customers: Systematically understand and enhance the value delivered to customers
  • Shared Language in the team, division or company: Engage in more effective and strategic discussions by having a shared language
  • Test assumptions and explore the dynamics of value propositions
  • Intrapreneurship: Become dynamic and flexible in business thinking as intrapreneurs
  • Communicating with Stakeholders: Use the same language to communicate with all stakeholders.

RUFF & CO. has followed the Alexander Osterwalder & Strategyzer course in Business Model Canvas. Please contact us for a proposal regarding customized workshops. We also provide Master Class formats where we work with you and your company or departments challenges and at the same time it provides team building and mutual understanding. See case:


Sustainable Business & UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Developing innovative and sustainable business models and an action plan and roadmap for your sustainable development, based on the ideas of circular economics, can create new business opportunities and enhance your competitiveness.

There are many examples that sustainable business development brings new business opportunities, significant competitive advantages and a stronger brand.

Companies and organizations need to switch industry from a linear to a circular economy, where we all have to be significantly better at reducing resource consumption and better utilizing resources by reducing or avoiding waste in favor of better recycling of materials.
It is therefore about reconsidering our business models for greater resource efficiency and

Please contact us for proposal on how we can use the Business Model Canvas Model for igniting internal dialogue and planning regarding future Sustainable Plans and Roadmap.

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