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Susie A. Ruff is a passionate and motivating speaker, whether it is a live or virtual session. During her career, Susie has been invited as a speaker, lecturer and moderator at conferences, seminars and workshops in many countries covering the Nordics, the EU, Canada, Latin America, and Asia.
She is available for speeches, presentations and as a moderator in all parts of the world and on a virtual basis. Susie’s passion is the importance of innovation in healthcare and how we can assure the provision of healthcare in the future by thinking differently and working in new efficient ways.

Examples of topics for Susie’s speeches:

  • Healthcare Innovation from a Danish Perspective
  • Innovation in Healthcare between corporates, SME’s and Clinicians
  • User-Driven innovation in Healthcare: The importance of involving Healthcare Professionals and citizens in developing solutions for the future of healthcare
  • Go-To-Market strategies and actions for Digital Healthcare Companies
  • Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • The importance of Design and Innovation in Healthcare
  • Speeches will always be adjusted to your need and your customer audience and goals.
Speeches will always be adjusted to your need and your customer audience and goals.

We can also provide related services:

  • Planning and implementing successful live or virtual conferences and workshops – program, speakers, venues, content – with a twist and an innovative angle.
How COVID-19 Boosted Digital Health in the Nordics – Case Denmark. Session with 02Matic moderated by Susie A. Ruff
Speaker and moderator
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Examples of Susie as a Speaker and Moderator